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Leasing management

Smart Leasing

The complex is designed to automate leasing management and performs a full range of operations from front-to back-office, developed on the basis of the latest technological advances.
Asset management, leasing and service operations are possible with the help of a single system equipped with the management of offers and assets, approval of projects and administration of contracts.
The most simple and intuitive interface based on web technologies provides easy access and optimal speed.

SmartLeasing is a flexible solution for your business.

Software modules
The Smart system consists of basic modules. Each of the modules performs one of the specific functions, such as information, accounting, calculation, control, etc. These modules can be changed, removed or modified depending on the specific nature and particular business processes of a company.

Front Office
Module features include:

  • directory of clients and their employees;
  • directory of service providers;
  • mailing management (various information) to customers by e-mail;
  • storage of scanned copies of documents.
Leasing request and calculation
This module is the heart of the sales team.


  • collection of primary data about the potential client;
  • control of communication with the client, reminders;
  • calculation of financial, operational leasing and fleet management services;
  • payment schedule calculation - annuity, decreasing, enhanced, digression;
  • printing of various variants of the commercial offer, regular, consolidated;
  • calculation for the client can be based on the different set of input data (yield,% rate, lease term, cost of the leased object, GPS cost, registration tax, additional equipment, service, insurance, additional costs);
  • functionality for automated rate selection based on a given fixed margin or performance indicators;
  • different models for the construction of calculations - depends on the client requirement we can implement any models.

Project: customer analysis and decision making
Using this module we can:

  • financial analysis of the client in accordance with the risk policy of the leasing company: risk management, security service, legal department, leasing projects committee;
  • decision approval: limit, conditions;
  • e-signature.

Communication history, responsible employees, reminders.
In our system can be configured:

  • system of statuses of each document, for example:
  • statuses for calculation: in work, on approval, approved by the client;
  • project status: approved by risks, passed by the Security Council, approved by the KLP;
  • for each document, a responsible employee of the company may be appointed, for example, a service manager and an account manager;
  • you can use the notes/reminders module for the formation of tasks by employees and the subsequent control, for example, the call to a client.
Middle Office
Leasing agreement
Operations with a lease agreement:

  • creation of a contract based on the approved calculation and project;
  • printing lease agreements;
  • e-signature;
  • storage of scanned copies of leasing contracts.
Guarantee and pledge
Module functionality:

  • creation a guarantee agreement under a leasing agreement;
  • creation of a pledge agreement for the leased item;
  • creation of a pledge agreement for pledging the property of the lessee;
  • connection with the loan agreement and the lease agreement;
  • control of the withdrawal of the leased object from the collateral.
The purchase agreement of the leased object
Module tasks:

  • registration of the purchase agreement of the leased object with the supplier (dealer);
  • registration of the payment schedule, exchange rates and other conditions of the contract;
  • creation an entering act into the vehicle park of the leased object.
Buyback agreement
Module tasks:

  • registration of the buy back agreement of the leasing object with a supplier (dealer);
  • registration of the terms, exchange rates and other conditions of the contract.
Back Office
Transfer leasing object to the client
This module provides for the formation of acts of acceptance and transfer of the leasing object to the client.

  • the act specifies the main parameters:
  • date of transfer of the object;
  • date of return of the object;
  • condition of the object (equipment list);
  • the value of the object at the date of transfer;
  • responsible persons.
Registration of a leasing object
The module solves the following tasks:

  • control of registration, re-registration and removal from the register of leased assets;
  • creation of a registration card of the leased object;
  • creation and printing of forms of documents required for registration with state authorities;
  • attachment and storage copies of scanned documents.
Payment management
The module is designed to control payments of all payments in the leasing process:

  • formation of a unified register of all bills (service, insurance, registration, purchase agreement for leasing object and other services);
  • electronic approval of the invoice by the head of the department;
  • electronic approval of the invoice by company management;
  • automated transfer to the bookkeeping department;
  • mobile application for remote approval out of office.
Changing the terms of the lease agreement - additional agreements
Module features:

  • calculation of new payment schedules with changing conditions: lease term, object, rate of financing, insurance conditions;
  • removal from the register of leased assets (if several leased objects are involved in the contract);
  • partial repayment of payments;
  • additional agreement on the replacement of a party to the contract (assignment);
  • additional agreement on early termination of the lease, insurance, service agreement;
  • other types.
Leasing objects
This module is designed to account leasing objects:

Registration of the main parameters for each car, such as:
  • unique specification;
  • car details;
  • registration data;
  • region of use.
Invoicing and payment control
Module tasks:

  • invoicing in all areas of leasing activities (leasing, insurance, registration and other payments);
  • control of payment of leasing and other payments;
  • automatic recalculation of lease payments in connection with changes in exchange rates and the calculation algorithm;
  • mass generation and distribution of invoices by e-mail or fax.
  • receipt of invoicing information from the accounting program
  • calculation of penalties and fines;
  • control of debtors.
Data exchange with accounting software
We perform the following operations:

  • export-import of incoming invoices for all necessary modules;
  • export-import of payment data;
  • uploading other required data.
Insurance agreement
Module functionality:

  • formation of applications for insurance;
  • register of insurance contracts of the leased object;
  • amendment of contract terms;
  • early termination of the contract;
  • control of payments with the insurance company.
Insurance cases of the leased object
Module functionality:

  • registration of data on the insured event, circumstances and participants;
  • register of insurance company payments;
  • register of insurance repairs;
  • analysis of vehicle fleet unprofitably;
  • condition monitoring of the insurance case consideration in the Insurance company.
Service Module
Management of customer service requests
We automate the following processes of the service department:

  • receiving, monitoring service requests;
  • tracing operations;
  • reporting on the loading of service department personnel.
Contracts with the workshop
The module produces:

  • accounting of relationships with service providers;
  • agreement registration;
  • accounting data discounts and conditions.
Incoming invoices
The program produces:

  • control of work with external / internal service providers;
  • enter data about purchased goods and services;
  • control of invoice payment;
  • check the availability of originals accounting documents.
Re-invoicing to the customer
The program performs the following:

  • during the processing of incoming invoices, services are determined for payment by the client;
  • invoice is formed to the client;
  • provides a detailed report on all transactions included in the account.
Tires and spare parts tracking

Module features:

  • register of tires and spare parts which connected to the leasing object;
  • tracking and control of the process of seasonal tire change;
  • tire condition monitoring.
Mobile Application
Dealer Calculator
Sales system for dealers:

A web platform for dealers that allows them to independently prepare a leasing deal.
As a result, the leasing company outsources to the dealers a part of the process:
  • making payments schedule calculations;
  • the creation of commercial offer;
  • collecting customer data: questionnaire and documents for analysis;
  • printing and transfer to the client the leasing agreement.
Monitoring the financial condition of the client

The mobile application includes (questionnaire) that are filled in by the client themselves for the purpose of monitoring its financial condition. It can be formed with a specified frequency, which allows you to collect and analyze the financial condition of the client during the term of the lease agreement.
Client's documents and analytics

Information on:
  • contract-register of leasing or fleet management agreements with the ability to download scan copies, receive reports on payments for the period, the auto group, the components of the payment, incl. in the form of graphs;
  • auto-registry auto with the ability to download scan-copies of auto documents, receive reports on the composition of the park in the sections of auto groups, models, brands, regions, cost-centre, incl. in the form of graphs;
  • repairs and maintenance - a register of outgoing accounts with the ability to download scan copies, obtain reports of sections of models, brands, regions, cost-centre, types of work, suppliers, incl. in the form of graphs;
  • insurance cases - the register of insurance cases with the possibility to download scan copies of documents on accidents, obtaining reports of models, brands, regions, cost-centre, types of losses from insurance cases, franchises, incl. in the form of graphs;
  • tires and seasonal refresher - the register of tires, fixing for the car, recording and reminders about seasonal tyres exchange (winter/summer).
Payment Management
Mobile application is designed for remote approval of payments outside the office.
System Module
Security system
  • the system determines the rights and roles of users;
  • the role corresponds to the positions of employees;
  • tor each role is determined by the allowable set of actions that the user can carry out in relation to the object of the system.
Interaction and alert system
The system is designed for flexible adjustment of the program action algorithm according to the company's business process. It allows you to set the sequence and conditions for processing documents, automatically create tasks and send programmed messages to company employees;
reduces the time spent on the process, and as a result, reducing the financial costs of the company.

This module is intended for generating reports, displaying statistical data, printing documents, sending documents by e-mail, exporting documents to the most common data formats (pdf, doc and xls);
changing reports does not require changing the software, but is done by means of the program.
Automated document scanning

In partnership with Koniсa Minolta was implemented a quick scan of the document directly into the desired document or object of our system, without intermediate storage and manual loading.

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