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Smart Fleet

About us
Smart Fleet is the leader of Ukraine in the field of developing IT solutions for automating leasing and working with transport assets. Serving different customers in 3 countries, we acquired a unique experience in implementing an easily adaptable software package.

This year we celebrate the 10th anniversary of working in the software industry for leasing. Since its foundation, the company has successfully grown and developed, opening new directions and increasing the volume of provided services.

At present, our company serves 45% of the market of Ukraine on leasing automation and work with vehicles (in quantitative terms).

Our solutions
We offers a wide range of template solutions with high flexibility that will suit any demanding Client.

Why Smart Fleet is a wise choice?

The product-oriented approach allows you to significantly reduce the cost of software implementation and opens the possibility of continuous improvement of applications.
The maximum effective configuration makes it easy to adapt the system to the individual needs of the client.
The modern technology platform, built on the basis of the latest advances in information technology, provides easy integration, intuitive management and scalability.

Result: Smart Fleet software solutions is allowing you to work with a complex of portfolios of different levels of complexity.
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