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Fleet management software

Smart Fleet Management

Our solution for fleet management.
The program allows you to effectively manage the activities of the fleet and solve such global tasks as:

- automation, planning and accounting of the transport department,
- organization and control of repair work,
- full vehicle insurance,
- cost accounting for fuel,
- data processing from fuel companies
- write-off of fuel for travel lists,
- fleet analysis and selection of the best composition to optimize costs and business processes of the company,
- control of the number and condition of tires, spare parts in stock,
- planning and allocation of costs for maintenance and maintenance of vehicles, monitoring the maintenance of vehicles in a technically sound condition,
- obtaining operational and management reporting in the context of a unique vehicle, department, cost center.

Software modules
The Smart Fleet Management system consists of basic modules. Each of the modules performs one of the specific functions, such as information, accounting, calculation, control. These modules can be changed, removed or modified depending on the specific nature and particular business processes of a company.

Module features include:

- directory of service providers;
- mailing management (various information) by e-mail;
- storage of scanned copies of documents.
Employees and drivers
Solved problems:

- maintaining a single information directory about contractors and individuals;
- the hierarchy of departments of the company;
- registration of driver data and storage of scanned copies of documents.

Vehicle Park
Solved problems:

- registration and accounting of all contracts for the purchase of vehicles;
- registration / re-registration / deregistration with the ability to print all forms;
- accounting of the movement of vehicles in the divisions of the company;
- maintenance of the information base for each vehicle (details, registration data, assignment, region of use, purpose, fuel limits, mileage, insurance data, etc.).
Repair Management
Service Requests
Automation the following processes of the service department:

- receiving requests for service by the service manager;
- troubleshooting and tracing operations;
- selection of performers and suppliers of spare parts;
- monitoring the status of applications;
- reporting staff loading.
Incoming invoices from the service station and internal work orders
The program produces:

- control of work with external / internal service providers;
- registration of data on purchased goods and services in the system;
- automated reporting of account payments from the accounting department;
- control of the collection of accounting documents.
Maintenance planning
The module produces:

- accounting of the current mileage for planning maintenance;
- control of the passage of TM on time (function of alert actions);
- the possibility of using data from GPS monitoring systems (we can do everything - depends on the wishes of the client);
- reporting current/projected, for example, at the cost of a fleet of technical maintenance (depends only on the client).
Vehicle Insurance Contracts
Module functionality:

- formation of applications for insurance;
- accounting insurance contracts;
- amendment of contract terms;
- early termination of the contract;
- control of payments with the insurance company.
Insurance claims
Module functionality:

- registration of data on the insured event, its circumstances and participants;
- accounting of insurance company payments;
- accounting for insurance repairs;
- analysis of vehicle fleet unprofitability;
- control of the state of consideration of the insured event in the Insurance Company.
Cargo insurance
Module functionality:

- registration of data on the insured event, its circumstances and participants;
- accounting of insurance company payments;
- control of the state of consideration of the insured event in the Insurance Company.
Traffic fines
Module functionality:

- accounting of data on fines, its circumstances;
- control of the state of the fine and its payment.
Warehouse and spare parts
Purchase of spare parts, availability control and issuance.
Functional modules:

- purchase of spare parts;
- movement of spare parts in warehouses;
- write-off of spare parts;
- issue and accounting of spare parts to mechanics for carrying out repair work;
- issuance and accounting of consumables for drivers;
- control of payment of spare parts to suppliers.
Tire registration
The module is designed to solve the problems of accounting tires:

- accounting tires in relation to the car;
- taking into account the location of the tires;
- tire condition monitoring;
- tire restoration and repair.

Fuel Accounting
- accounting of fuel cards in relation to the employee;
- purchase and fuel control consumption of the company;
- import of fueling data into the database from the reports of fuel companies;
- accounting of the linear norms and fuel consumption coefficients.
Mobile applications
For data entry into waybill by drivers
The system is designed for self-entry of electronic waybills by company drivers. It helps to unload workers from the transportation department from manual entry, automate feedback from drivers, reduce time to create waybills, and eliminate cases of incorrect (unintentional and intentional) data entry.

The system has the following functionality:

- authorized login, reset and self-password recovery by the user;
- data entry of the waybill into the electronic card (monthly, with daily details of the mileage and the purpose of the trip, gas stations);
- presence in the travel data sheet about: total mileage, fueling, consumption, balance in the tank, coefficients of surcharges on the consumption rate, etc. (the list depends on the wishes of the client);
- data entry control - display of calculated values of fuel residues in the tank;
- the ability to control the process of passing the milestones of the business process of the waybill (handed over, checked, sent to the user to eliminate errors) fixation these states in the system and sending notifications to the appropriate persons;
- control of filling the previous waybills;
- printing the form of the waybill by the user for a month or any day;
- possibility of obtaining data on routes from the provider of GPS monitoring.
For mechanics
The modules are designed for remote work with mechanics who are located on the repair base:

- setting tasks for mechanics;
- control start/end of the work;
- storage of scanned copies of documents;
- message system between the mechanic and the service manager.
For warehouse workers
The modules are designed for remote work with warehouse workers:

- delivery of spare parts and materials to mechanics and drivers;
- control of issuance by the supervisor;
- storage of scanned copies of documents.
System modules
Security system
- the system allows you to define the rights and roles of users;
- the role corresponds to the positions of employees;
- for each role is determined by the allowable set of actions that the user can carry out in relation to the object of the system.
Communication with the accounting program
The program performs the following functions:

- transfer of incoming invoices from suppliers in all areas of activity (car purchase, insurance, registration and other payments);
- receipt of payment data;
- uploading other required data.
Interaction and alert system
The system is designed for flexible adjustment of the program action algorithm according to the company's business process. It allows you to set the sequence and conditions for processing documents, automatically create tasks and send programmed messages to company employees.
Reduces the time spent on the process, and as a result, reducing the financial costs of the company.
    This module is intended for generating reports, displaying statistical data, printing documents, sending documents by e-mail, exporting documents to the most common data formats (pdf, doc and xls);
    Changing reports does not require changing the software, but is done by means of the program.

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